Yogandha Oils

Apart from any other aspect of Yogandha oils, I love the smell. Not overpowering, earthy, natural and calming. The oils are made with heavenly smelling ingredients such as cedarwood, frankincense, sandalwood and bergamont, to name a few. And each roller contains a specific blend of herbs that have a specific purpose: Balance (excellent for hormonal balance) ,Ground (for a calming effect) and Salute (to energize).

I would definitely consider myself a novice when it comes to yoga (though I love it), even after years of practicing it. I tend to lose focus, daydream and hurry through my routine. So, I was pleased to find that by applying the roller balls to my pulse points prior to practicing, when i find myself unfocused or spacing out, the simple smell of these oils help remind me to be in the now.  As I would move into a new pose and smell the wonderful scent, I was reminded to pay closer attention to what I was doing and just focus on that moment. I was pleasantly surprised how effective it was. Yogandha also offers post practice oils (Detox, Muscle Soothe and Relax). Offered in a pump, these oils are great post work out and even after a bath. They help release muscle tension and make your skin feel soft and smooth.

I would highly recommend these oils for both improving your yoga practice and also for everyday use. You can find them here: