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My experience with Sage Hill began before I even arrived on the property.  My colleague Kate and I were holding an event in Austin that ran late, causing us to get stuck in some major rush hour traffic.  Usually it would be no big deal to arrive at a hotel late, however Sage Hill Inn is not just any hotel….and the reason I was hoping to get in before night  time is because they serve dinner for all their guests at promptly 6pm.  So there we were, sitting on I-35 at 5:45pm with rumbling stomachs.  I made a call to the Inn to let them know we would (sadly) be missing dinner, when Amy the groundskeeper answered.  Not only was she completely understanding and pleasant, but she then proceeded to tell me that the kitchen could hold our dinners until we arrived! Fueled with the idea of a hot meal, we managed to battle the traffic and arrived at Sage Hill around 7:00pm.  Amy was still in the office and if possible, more pleasant than she had been on the phone.  As promised, our dinner was waiting for us in a picnic basket, complete with a carafe of iced tea.  Amy gave us the keys to our cottage and we were on our way.  Yes, you read that correctly…our cottage.  The room we got to stay in was not a room, it was a full blown retreat.  Named Thelma’s Cottage, the place featured two bedrooms (with the comfiest king beds imaginable), two full baths, a kitchen, living room, patio, and even a hammock.  The cottage was backed by woods which created an extremely peaceful and tranquil setting.  (see more on Thelma’s Cottage here: We sat out on the patio to enjoy our dinner, which was a gourmet three course meal including empanadas, grilled shrimp, gnocchi, greens, and cake for dessert.  Everything was delicious and it was obvious that it was all made from scratch.


After dinner we decided to spend some time in the outdoor hot tub, which is on the pool deck.  The experience was so serene that I felt like I could’ve fallen asleep outside.  We retired back to our cottage awhile later where we thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in our separate rooms.

In the morning we woke up early and enjoyed our patio area and hammock.  We then made our way over to the main house for breakfast, which again was delicious…we are talking blueberry pancakes, eggs, ham, fruit, and fresh squeezed orange juice. After breakfast we walked around the grounds and checked out the “overlook,” which sits atop an eighty-foot cliff side.  The surrounding views of the hillside were spectacular and I could’ve stayed out there all day….except for the fact that I had an appointment at the Garden Spa at Sage Hill Inn that I simply couldn’t miss.


The Garden Spa is aptly named as it sits inside a plentiful garden on the Sage Hill Inn grounds.  It is a new building with all of the necessities for an intimate spa.  The two main therapists Shawn and Amie, were so welcoming and accommodating that I could not wait to tell other locals about this gem of a spa.  The treatment I received was a facial followed by a massage, which was executed perfectly by Shawn.  She was able to listen to my wants and needs and transform them into an amazing experience.


After the treatments we headed over to the library to get some work done before departing from this oasis of relaxation.  And just like all other aspects of the Inn, the library was impeccably decorated while still being comfortable and homey.

Overall, my experience at Sage Hill Inn was unparalleled.  The entire staff was incredible and I felt completely at home.  I would definitely make another trip up, and next time will hopefully stay longer.  I also could imagine renting out the Inn and having a picture perfect wedding taking place on the grounds….Someday  :)

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