Meet Len Kravitz – Superstar. Exercise Science Superstar

I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Len Kravitz at the 2014 Idea World Convention in Anaheim, CA. We spoke about wellness, some of his greatest research and the exciting developments in his current research.

A professor at University of New Mexico, Dr. Kravitz is no stranger to sharing fitness with the masses. Throughout the duration of his career he has won numerous awards and published dozens of articles on groundbreaking exercise studies.

As standard Buzz Bus practice, I asked Len what wellness means to him. I had to laugh as he says he IS the wellness wheel. If you are not familiar with it, the wellness wheel is a representation of various aspects of living; essentially how balanced you are in your intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, occupational, emotional and environmental well-being. Yes, he is the epitome of all of that!

When questioned how he lives his wellness, Dr. Kravitz says he works out first thing in the morning and always tries to be mindful when he eats, asking himself if he is making the best, healthiest choice at each meal. He said he might not always make the best choice, but the majority of the time he does.

Dr. Kravitz brings wellness to his community by training the future leaders in his home state of New Mexico, as well as educating people across the globe through his writings and research. He compares himself to the Pied Piper… gathering the masses to fitness.

I was stunned to learn that he made the introduction of Interval Training to the world; his studies on it date back to 1989. He attributes interval training’s popularity in the last few years to infomercials like P90x.

Dr. Kravitz said his latest research has focused on weighted vests and carrying loads. Apparently wearing a vest with 5% of your body weight has tremendous benefits. He said one of the current barriers is to bring the cost of the vests down (Currently a range of about $80 to $250)… he said once the price lowers, you can expect a great majority of people to follow suit. *Luckily my little load has me ahead of this trend! I try to carry my boy wherever I go.

Finally when I inquired if Dr. Kravitz had any tips to share for people about positively influencing one’s own personal wellness, he immediately popped up from the interview, began walking around the room and referenced N.E.A.T. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. N.E.A.T. boils down to – sit less, move more. Not only adding little tricks like parking in the furthest area of a parking lot; he said adding activity wherever you can is key. Get up while you drink water – Walk around and talk – make an extra circuit around a store when shopping… in general add as much movement to your day as possible. He mentioned that only 30% of the US population gets 30 minutes or more of exercise a day. By incorporating movement all day one’s time being active accumulates and doesn’t necessarily need to be in big chunks of time. (Oh the time crunched set… * be aware * there is NO EXCUSE not to add physical activity to your day!) He also suggested the book on the philosophy by Jim Lavine, Move a Little, Lose A lot, should I want to get more in depth on the topic.

The fitness community has been influenced a great deal by Dr. Kravitz and has benefited from the work he does. Like I said, Len Kravitz is a BIG DEAL, a rock star of the Fitness Industry.