Healthy Skoop Review

The Buzz gladly accepted the challenge to “Up their A-Game” and review Healthy Skoop a Boulder, CO based company. Not not mention, we are always looking for good, clean proteins and superfoods to share with you.  More to love: BBT and Healthy Skoop are neighbors, they give a free serving of fresh fruits and veggies to a school lunch program every time a serving of Skoop is purchased, they draw the line at great nutrition believing it is “an inalienable right” and their packing is pretty much genius. The idea is “super simply super food blends” and if you spend some time on their website, we feel pretty sure you will get a strong sense who they are and what they stand for and love them too!

When your on the road, keeping nutrition easy is key.  For that reason alone Buzz Roadie, Tessa, was totally sold.  “I did the 5-day challenge myself, and asked my husband (as someone who thinks superfoods are a little woo-woo) to join me. We followed the recommendation of starting our day with A-Game and mixed it with almond milk the first couple of days. Once we had a flavor for it, we decided to try it in smoothies with fruit, almond milk and a little B-Strong.  I felt great taking it each morning – I liked the flavor of both the Sweetgreens and Chocofresh flavors.  What I noticed the most was a direct effect on my energy levels each day.  I literally did not have that afternoon snoozy feeling I usually get in the late and lazy afternoon, I powered through and felt great.  Jeremy, said husband, felt it too!  He preferred it in a smoothie, the almond milk alone was not really his thing, but he was hungry for more each morning.  He not only felt the benefits of more energy and less lazies, he also really felt like it “sharpened his mind” – a good thing for someone that works with numbers all day!”

Sam was in the middle of starting to weight train to enhance her rock climbing and was eager to assist me in this assignment, we decided she should try both the A-Game and the B-Strong Protein powder. Here is what she had to say; “When I was offered the chance to take on the 5-day challenge with Skoop’s A-Game, I was happy to oblige.  Right off the bat, I loved Skoop’s message (and not to mention, their packaging!).  One of their main points is that everyone is different, so it is ok to integrate the A-Game into your diet however you would like…which is something I took to heart.  For five days I created a simple, but tasty smoothie to put my A-Game in.  I really enjoyed having both the Sweet Greens and Chocofresh options, which enabled me to create different smoothies throughout the week, and prevented me from getting sick of one flavor.  Not only did I really enjoy each smoothie, but by the end of the week I really did start to notice a difference!  I began to feel more energetic in the morning, which stayed with me throughout the day.  I am excited to use A-Game in the future and look forward to continue to see the benefits!

My 5-day smoothie breakdown:

Monday: Chocofresh A-Game, almond milk, banana, almond butter, and Skoop vanilla protein powder.

Tuesday: SweetGreens A-Game, almond milk, frozen strawberries, and Skoop vanilla protein powder.

Wednesday: Chocofresh A-Game, almond milk, banana, strawberries, and Skoop vanilla protein powder.

Thursday: SweetGreens A-Game, greek yogurt, frozen berries, and Skoop vanilla protein powder.

Friday: Chocofresh A-Game, greek yogurt, banana, and Skoop vanilla protein powder.