Breakaway Matcha

Forget what you know about green tea. Breakaway Matcha tea is unlike any other green tea I have tried. According to their website, “Breakaway Matcha specializes in sourcing, custom blending, and distributing the highest-quality matcha on earth.” I love green tea but had never tried (or heard of) matcha before. After spending some time reading about it on their website (, I was sold. I had to try it!  For those who don’t know: matcha is a finely ground, high quality green tea that has been used for centuries by the Japanese. Breakaway Matcha offers 4 custom matcha blends. I was lucky enough to review their blend 97. The color was an amazing electric green; the flavor was like young grass- which I loved. When made properly, the matcha is smooth and creamy, has an earthy smell and leaves a wonderful aftertaste.  A great bonus to this delicious tea is all the health benefits it offers. Benefits that include: it is high in antioxidants, it boosts memory and concentration, helps detoxify the body, assists in relieving stress – among many, many other. It’s a win-win!

check out for their 4 custom-blended matchas and informative videos on how to make your own great cup of matcha.